How many loyalty cards do you have in your wallet? How often have you forgotten it when at your local sandwich shop or clothes store? How many times do you wish your points could be used at another location? We felt there had to be a better way. And so we made bluerabbit.

bluerabbit turns an email address and mobile number into a virtual reward card. No cards to carry. Earn brand goodies for simply showing up or talking about your favourite brand.

High user adoption, a complete suite of tools and powerful customization to support any rewards process make it the only choice for marketers, businesses and executives looking for success.

bluerabbit is a loyalty platform geared specifically to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Businesses that want to retain and acquire new customers while increasing incremental revenue look to bluerabbit to create a loyalty program that is capable of offering cashback, merchandise, services, experiences and travel as rewards.

bluerabbit delivers the look and functionality of a customized loyalty program with the speed and reduced budget of an off-the-shelf product, without you ever having to manage the IT resources or maintain expensive infrastructures.

Simple, Easy to Use

bluerabbit is an easy to use and uncomplicated loyalty system. You can be up and running in a matter of hours and achieve ROI in days. Campaigns can be designed and executed instantly through a simple web based interface. Your consumers can register for the program by simply logging in using their Facebook account, entering their mobile number or email address. Once done, your consumer will start earning points immediately - there are no cards to distribute or other overheads.


It can be integrated into every marketing and promotion feature.

Points are an integral part of incentivizing your users and a great way of rewarding user activity. You can use the loyalty points system as a viral component to drive traffic back to your retail store, website and increase your registrants. bluerabbit is an excellent motivation to promote specific products, events and much more. These points can be redeemed in various ways.

bluerabbit is integrated with social media. The viral nature of social media increases brand visibility and makes it easy to build your loyalty program and customer base. bluerabbit posts relevant, non-intrusive messages to the customer's wall, which captures the interest and participation of their friends.

Easily Adapted

Every company is unique. Including the way you attract and retain customers. You offer differentiated process, experiences, products or services. That's why bluerabbit makes it easy for you to customize the application to fit the unique needs of your company and customers. You manage your business and let us manage your software.

Software as a Service

Software as a Service solutions are designed to take away the need of managing and investing heavily on infrastructure, uptime and maintenance, software updates and upgrades. bluerabbit is such an solution. It is always available and easily accessible, without the costs associated with the purchase of software and its upgrades. With internet-based applications like bluerabbit, you're always on the latest version - at no extra charge. New functions and features are available the day they are released.


One of the first questions and biggest concerns for businesses when they are considering a SaaS solution is, "Is it secure"? bluerabbit ensures that your customer data is protected. Your customer data is backed up in multiple locations and always available. Bluerabbit uses the latest firewall technology and implemented encryption capabilities. Our goal is the safest, securest and most reliable loyalty program SaaS solution available.

Pay as you go

bluerabbit is easy to use and uncomplicated to manage. The costs are designed keeping this in mind. You pay only for the features you use and need, based on the size of your loyalty program. There are no hidden costs, costly upgrades to maintenance agreements. You pay for exactly what you use and when you use it.