Campaign Management

bluerabbit has a simple to use web based campaign management system. Anyone who has used a web browser before can create campaigns and make them live immediately. The step by step process makes the creation of complex and dynamic campaigns a breeze. The campaigns can be designed on various parameters - time and day, location of the customer, points balance, special events and special days for the user.

Gift Cards & In-store Credit

With bluerabbit you never need to give your customer a cash refund - just in-store credit. Instead bluerabbit has a in-built store credit system. Your customers can also buy gift cards of pre-defined or dynamic values.

Pool Points

bluerabbit has a unique feature which allows your customers to pool points together towards a common goal. For example, a group of individuals can pool their points together to buy your products. These groups can be created on the fly enabling consumers to come to go dutch for a purchase.

Real-time Program Analytics

You can access your loyalty program information from any device that supports a browser, allowing you to view customer data anywhere you want. Our analytics engine is designed with marketing features that help you streamline your program data needs to support your business objectives.

You have access to a dashboard that shows the most important information in one place. Segmentation, most valuable customers, tiering, and other key customer metrics can be easily obtained. Understand what rewards are most popular, being searched or procured in real-time.

Retail Point of Sale Terminals, eCommerce and Website Integration

bluerabbit integrates with your retail point of sale terminals, eCommerce shopping carts and your website. Our open API allows data to be freely integrated with your existing platforms and software systems.

Social Loyality

The dynamics of your brand and consumer interactions is changing rapidly. Your consumer is talking and engaging with you at your brick-mortar outlet, website, and social media properties. However, the customer can show their loyalty only on two of the three touchpoints. bluerabbit changes this completely. Your customer can now engage and earn incentives on your social media properties across Twitter, Facebook, Youtube etc.

Geofencing through Mobile Application - Gotcubed

Organic promotion & Push notifications - You can extend coupons or special offers that are accessible to gotcubed users (regardless of whether or not they are part of your customer loyalty program) within a predetermined distance of your business. Geofencing enables you to reach and talk to your customers when they are the vicinity of your brand.

To illustrate, let's say that your customer is entering a shopping mall that your brand has a presence in and your brick-mortar outlet has a deal available for this customer. gotcubed will establish this relationship is push a message to your customer. This message will inform the customer of the deal and how to exploit it.

Risk Management

Loyalty points are good as currency for your brand. As with currency, there is tremendous oppurtunity for abuse and misuse of it. Keeping this in mind, bluerabbit has a flexible Risk Management system to avoid abuse and stealing of loyalty points.